When your business requires accurate cuts and speedy turnaround times, laser cutting might be the right option for you. CNC laser machines are valuable across industries because they offer effective, precise, quick cuts for various materials, making them the ideal tool for industries that require a minimal margin of error.

Are You Searching For the Best CNC Laser Machines for Your Business?

If you’re on the hunt for a cutter for your business’s applications, considering several types can help. You know how difficult it is to get precision cuts when your machinery doesn’t do what you need. Whether you are shopping for CNC laser machines for the first time or hoping to replace a machine that doesn’t perform to your standards, either of these laser cutters can get the job done right. Learn more about what these CNC laser machines can do for your business!

Magnus CO2 Laser

When you need a CNC laser machine with the latest laser technologies and various available options to suit your application’s needs the best, turn to the Magnus CO2 Laser. There is no question why this laser is one of the best-selling on the market. It offers the user extremely high precision, and breakneck engraving speeds, with quality finishes. It is also a non-contact cutter, so consumables are dramatically reduced compared to other cutting machines. Because of the accuracy of this machine, you will also enjoy a reduction of space between cut parts, so you can save up to 40% in material usage each time you cut with this machine.

Quantus Fiber Laser

You don’t have to sacrifice quality. Improve your cutting speeds and precision with the Quantus Fiber Laser combined with easy-to-use CNC control software. This low-maintenance machine will reduce the costs associated with consumables in cutting while upping your production capabilities thanks to its ability to cut through various materials and nearly all kinds of metal. Because of this versatility, the Quantus Fiber Laser is among the most advanced on the market. Choose from Quantus Fiber Lasers with power levels starting at 1,500 Watts and ranging up to 8,000 Watts to best suit your needs for up to 100,000 hours of long-rated laser life.

High Quality Machines, American-Made Parts

When you think of laser cutters, you likely think of cutting metals, which is the traditional application for laser cutters. However, these versatile machines are suitable for so much more than that.

Not only are these high-quality machines able to cut various materials, but they are American-made. All our products, including our CNC laser machines, are made in the USA, giving your business the advantage and quality it deserves.

What Are the Benefits of Cutting With CNC Laser Machines?

Precision cuts are crucial across industries, and that’s why so many choose to work with CNC laser machines. When you select one of the CNC laser cutting machines from MultiCam East, you will not only get those precision cuts, but you will also enjoy the following:

  • Versatility in the cuts the machine can produce.
  • Cut repeatability for large-run projects.
  • Accuracy of .005 inches on all CNC laser machines.
  • Improved throughput.
  • Spending less time setting up the machine.

When your industry relies on these things, why would you choose any other CNC laser machinery?

Do CNC Laser Machines Have Engraving Capabilities?

Many people mistakenly believe that laser cutters only cut through materials. However, they are capable of both engraving and cutting. This element makes your CNC laser cutter much more versatile, ensuring you can cover many projects, including those that need a CNC laser engraver.

Why Choose Our CNC Laser Machines?

Choosing a cutting machine for your company’s unique applications can feel intimidating, especially because you want the most precise cuts each time. You need something with high power and high precision to ensure your projects go smoothly and your customers are satisfied with every order.

Whether you’re a large business, a small shop, or a one-person show, MultiCam East has a fabrication solution for you. No matter your budget, we have the right CNC machine available. Every CNC machine comes with several customizable options so you can get exactly what you need. And when precision and quality are your main concerns, you can rest assured knowing our CNC machines are manufactured with certified laser calibration equipment. Heavy stainless steel frames ensure durability and stability for consistently accurate cutting for each project. For several CNC machines, a material database stores several parameters, including feed rate, pierce delay, pierce height, and many others, so you don’t have to spend time programming settings when switching materials. MultiCam’s reputation backs all our CNC machines for amazing customer service.

Want to Learn More About Our Other Cutting Machine Options?

If you need precision cutting but don’t feel that CNC laser machines are suitable for your application, you have other options. From knife cutters to waterjets and everything in between, at MultiCam East, we have several cutting machine options, so your business gets precisely what you need. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our machinery and what will work best for your specific application.

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