Looking For the Best CNC Plasma Tables for Your Fabrication Needs?

Whether you’re a large business, a small shop, or a one-person show, MultiCam has a fabrication solution for you. You need the right CNC machine, and we have options for all budgets, large and small. These systems produce amazingly, smooth, clean cuts using either conventional or high defintion plasma that cuts right through the metal material. Plus, they use our EZ Control material library to set all cut parameters automatically, yielding a remarkably consistent cut.

Choose From These Machines

When looking for a CNC plasma cutter, you have several incredible options. Get the precision you want with rapid cut speeds with any of these machines.


Precise, clean cuts through various materials are easily achievable with the entry level V-Series CNC plasma table. This machine is perfect for various industries, from sign shops and auto fabricators to metal fabricators and HVAC companies. Each V-Series machine is paired with a conventional Hypertherm cutting system capable of various cutting capacities.

3000 Series

The 3000 series has an all-steel unitized frame designed to support thinner and thicker metals. This is the first plasma in the MultiCam line-up that can accept both conventional and high definition Hypertherm plasma units. This machine can be paired with either a down draft and water table depending on your application and needs.

Arcos Bridge & Rail

Want to minimize the heat damage that can be associated with the plasma or Oxy-Fuel cutting process? A CNC plasma machine with a motion platform independent of the cutting surface (a Bridge & Rail Table) could be right for you. Need to cut through very thick material? Our Arcos plasma can also have an oxy fuel cutting torch.

American Made and Locally Supported CNC Plasma Tables

Each purchase of a CNC plasma cutter comes with MultiCam’s world-renowned reputation for excellent customer service backing it up, so you never need to worry about getting your machine serviced if you need it. You will also enjoy the added benefit of getting support from professionals located right here in the USA. No need to reach out to foreign companies for repair or support. Once you are a customer, we will continue to support your success for as long as you have one of our machines in your operation. Our technicians are located from Virginia to Maine to support and service our CNC plasma tables when needed.

If you’re ready to buy a CNC plasma cutting table, we can help. Get in touch with us today to discuss your options, and we will help you determine which of our incredible machines is right for your fabrication applications.

Want to Learn More About Which of these CNC Plasma Tables is Best for Your Business?

Are you just starting out in fabrication, or are you an established business hoping to expand your lineup of CNC cutting machinery? Whatever your reason for investing in a CNC plasma cutting table, you want the best option for your specific business needs. When you are ready to purchase a CNC Plasma Cutter, contact us. We can’t wait to help you make the best purchase for your fabrication needs!

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