The Celero Series is the next generation of Digital Cutting Systems, as these machines offer some of the most precise cuts and have some of the fastest knife-cutting speeds in the industry. These advanced Flatbed Cutting Systems provide end-users unparalleled cutting capabilities for both rigid and flexible substrates. With its accurate and smooth motion, the Celero Series is an easy-to-use cutter/router solution for both small and large businesses.

The Celero Series CNC Knife Cutter + Router

Are you in the market for a new cutter with extreme precision and speed? Are you tired of throwing away products due to imperfect cuts? One of the Celero Series CNC cutting machines below will suit your needs!

Celero 3 Series

This series of machines combines routing and precise knife-cutting capabilities to take your production and profits to the next level. This is an economical option for those who need a CNC knife cutter with excellent speed and accuracy.

Some features of this series include:

  • Universal and Oscillating Knife
  • Automatic Knife Changing Option
  • 3HP Router Spindle
  • MultiVision to Read Registration Marks
  • Steel Constructed Table for Reduced Vibration and Tighter Control


Celero 5 Series

Are you looking for an affordable yet exact digital cutter that matches your application’s needs? The Celero 5 Series may be the perfect machine for you. Using high-speed camera registration, the routing and knife-cutting performed by this machine are ideal for all rigid and flexible substrates.

The Celero 5 Series offers these features:

  • Optional Conveyor System
  • 5’x10’ Working Surface
  • 50,000 RPM Automatic Tool Changing Spindle for Routing Rigid Materials
  • Dual Knife System with automatic knife changing

Celero 4 Series

The Celero 4 Series will impress you because of its affordability and performance. It operates quickly and accurately giving you precise cuts each time.

Celero 4 features include:

  • Extensive choice of cutting tools
  • Auto Knife Changer
  • Auto Router Tool Changer
  • 127”x78.74” Working Surface
  • Multi-Vision Camera System for Reading Registration Marks

Celero 7 Series

When you select the Celero 7 Series for your operation, you know you’re getting the fastest cutting and routing speeds on the market. The Celero 7 Series cuts with an accuracy of .005 inches and cuts up to speeds of 7,800 IPM.

Some of the highlights of this machine include the following:

  • A Multi-Board Workflow
  • Automatic Tool Changer
  • Automatic Knife Changer
  • Linear Motion Acceleration for the Industry’s Top Speeds

Need to Make Lots of High-Speed, Precision Finish Cuts?

Engineered to complement the fast-paced printing industry of today, MultiCam’s Celero Series is the next generation of Digital Cutting Systems as they offer one of the fastest knife-cutting speeds in the industry. These advanced Flatbed Cutting Systems provide end-users unparalleled cutting capabilities for rigid and flexible substrates and roll media. With a reputation for accurate and smooth motion, the Celero Series is an easy-to-use, programmable cutter/ router solution for small and large businesses alike.

With an extensive list of standard features and available customizable options, each system is built to ensure your business gets the suitable cutter for your application and investment. Manufactured in our Dallas, TX, facility, each machine is extensively tested before leaving the factory to ensure longevity and uncompromising quality for the life of the cutting system. MultiCam East provides local service and support to all of their customers. By only covering Virginia through Maine we are local to our customers and can provide outstanding training, service, support, and machine demonstrations!

Do You Need Help Determining Which CNC Cutter Is Right For Your Application?

When you are shopping for a new cutter, it can feel overwhelming. Plenty of CNC cutters promise precision and speed but can’t deliver. When you order from MultiCam East, you can be rest assured that your CNC cutter will be a high-performance, high-quality piece of machinery for your production needs with local service and support. Enjoy these benefits with your CNC cutter from MultiCam East:

  1. CNC cutters made in the USA from the highest-quality materials
  2. Enjoy local service and maintenance for your cutter as we have support available to you locally
  3. Precise cutting, with an accuracy of .005 inches on all machines, no matter the model
  4. Increased productivity and faster turnaround times thanks to speedy, accurate cuts

Not sure which CNC cutter is right for your application? Get in touch with us today, and we will help you decide!

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